Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One weekend, One beach trip, and One wrong bus later...

This weekend was fun and I was able to explore the city more with friends.  On Sunday my host parents had their son and his girlfriend over for lunch, who live near by in Elche.  They were both nice but they talked soo fast that I could barely understand them, nor get a word in.  After lunch my host parents took me on a small day trip to Santa Pola, a near by small town that the family vacations at every summer.  It was about a 20 min drive in the car and we were able to walk around the beach and through a little bit of the town.  Before we got on the beach we saw these giant salt mountains (or that's what I call them) because the salt is removed for the water for production. 

Me standing in front of the salt mountains.  Trust me they were huge!

After this we walked to the beach, Playa Lista, which is a nude beach in the summer.  All I can say is I'm glad we were there in the winter.  We took some photos here as well, which were absolutely beautiful!  From the beach we were able to see across the water to the city of Alicante, and in the other direction we were able to see the island of Tabarca, about an hour boat ride from the coast.

Palm tree lined streets

We ended our afternoon trip at la puenta, or the edge of the beach which comes to a point to look out towards alicante just as the sun was setting. 

Pepa y Paco at sunset, my host parents!

The weekend closed and my week has been great so far.  We had our first test in our intensive language class today.  Although the test went well I ended up getting on the wrong bus somehow on my way home.  3o mins later I realized we weren't at all near the city and I was on the wrong bus!  Luckily for me the bus returned to the University of Alicante shortly after my discovery, but then I was lost on the campus.  I called my host parents to tell them I would be late and when they could tell I was upset they immediately drove down to the University and picked me up.  So although I took the wrong bus, everything ended up ok.  And as the Spaniards always say, no pasa nada because everything will work out ok.  My friends and I booked our first weekend trip to Barcelona for the beginning of February and we can't wait.  Also this Thursday with CIEE we are going up to the Castilla Santa Barbara in Alicante and Saturday we have a day trip around the Province so more to come soon!

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