Monday, February 6, 2012

All around Town

The past weekends have been completely filled with travels.  On Thursday of last week our CIEE group went to visit the Castillo Santa Barbara in Alicante, Spain.  It is one of the oldest parts of Alicante and also a landmark of the city.  We climbed up so many stairs and hills to get to the top, but when we did, the views were INCREDIBLE!
Me near the top of the castle

After our castle adventure in the city on Thursday, we travelled around the Province of Alicante with CIEE on Saturday.  It was so neat because we were able to see the smaller pueblos or towns in the province.  First we travelled to the cuevas del canelobre or caves. 

walls of the cave

After the cave we travelled to a small town called Guadelest which had incredible views.

And to conclude our long day, we ended with chocolate con churros... which was DELICIOUS!

We definitely ate more than our fare share of the dessert but it was so good.  It's very traditional in Spain... for breakfast! 

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