Friday, March 30, 2012

The Waiting Game

The past two weekends in Alicante have been pretty laid back and the only trip I took was a day trip with CIEE to Valencia for Las Fallas festival.  We went as a group and got to see the painted "ninots" or dolls which are basically giant statues that are hand-painted each year.  At the end of the festival on Monday, all of the ninots are burned and it is a large gathering in the streets.  To me the best part of Las Fallas was the Mascleta, a loud fire-cracker show that is done every day at 2PM.  The sound resonated throughout the whole square it was incredible!

Alice in Wonderland Ninot

Last weekend a group of friends and I went to a nearby vineyard in a city outside of Alicante called Benidorm.  The vineyard was called Enrique Mendoza Bodega and it was a really interesting tour.  We got to see where the grapes were grown and go through all of the processes they went through.  After the tour we went into the city and ate lunch by the beach before our short train ride back to Alicante. 

Lara, Colette, me, and Giulia at the Bodega

This past week was MIDTERM week!  So we all had to hit the books (and study some at the beach) to get all our work done.  I have also been working on a lot of other essays and projects that are due right after Spring Break.  I am starting my travels for Spring Break on this MONDAY April 2nd!! The past few weekends I've been finishing up travel plans and school work in preparation for my 3 week long Spain and Europe tour.  I've definitely been playing the waiting game this week because tomorrow Saturday Chuck and his dad arrive in Alicante!!! I can not wait we plan to stay in Alicante for the weekend then head to Granada, Sevilla, and Madrid for Semana Santa Processions.  I am so excited, they are actually already on the plan headed over!  The following week my mom will be visiting me too! 

So I can't wait to see some familiar faces from across the pond and I am definitely looking forward to my 3-week travel excursion!

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