Monday, May 21, 2012

2 Day countdown

This weekend was my last weekend in Alicante.  Saturday I did some final souvenir shopping and had a long beach day before spending the night together with friends.  We tried one of the best local tapas restaurants Katagorri and it was delicious.  Sunday I had a ‘going away’ lunch with Paco, Pepa, their son Fran, and his girlfriend Sandra.  We ate at a very authentic Alicantian restaurant.  We had arroz negro which is a paella that is tinted black from the squid cooked in it.  I have to admit this wasn’t my favorite Spanish meal but I definitely enjoyed the company! Sunday night we said some good byes because my friend Colette left this morning.  It was sad seeing some of our friends already leave but we all plan to visit in the states so I know I will be seeing them again soon.

Today, on day 2 of my countdown, I took my final exam here in Spain!  I am all done with class and have one more full day before hopping on a plane early Wednesday morning.  I can say now after an AMAZING time abroad and a truly life-changing experience, I am ready to head home. 

Said in better words by Michael Buble… I’m coming back home : )

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