Friday, May 11, 2012


The first leg of my spring break was much anticipated and definitely worth the wait! Chuck came to visit Spain with his dad over his spring break.  He arrived on Saturday, March 31st and I sat around the entire day waiting for them to arrive.  First, the flight was delayed.  Then they had a few issues navigating out of the Madrid airport and driving to Alicante in the car they rented.  After becoming anxious I decided to go ahead and walk over to the hotel they were staying at, the Melia, to wait for them.  I sat in the lobby and the moment I saw them walk in was unforgettable.  I jumped out of my seat and ran to give Chuck the biggest hug.  It was so great to see them both!! 

We wasted no time Saturday and walked all around the city before eating dinner with my host family Paco and Pepa.  We had an amazing time and I got a lot of practice translating back and forth between the four of them.  After dinner Chuck and I got to spend some time with my friends here as well. 
Chuck and I with Paco and Pepa

Sunday we walked to the beach and bumped into a Semana Santa procession in the middle of Alicante.  We also climbed to the top of the castle… which was a lot higher than I remembered it being!  After a long day of walking we got dinner at a good local Italian restaurant, Sale y Pepe. 

Chuck and I on the pier in Alicante

Monday after my class we headed off to Granada.  We stayed in Granada until Wednesday morning and really enjoyed it.  Chuck loved his discovery of ‘tapas’ so we went around and tried lots of new different tapas each afternoon and evening.  Mr. Moore enjoyed how many places served tea so we got to get more than our fare share of warm teas.  We toured inside the Cathedral in Granada and it was so beautiful.  We also waited for a Semana Santa procession Tuesday night but right before it began it started pouring rain!  Although the weather wasn’t the best in Granada we definitely enjoyed the city.
Mr. Moore and I in the Cathedral of Granada 

Rain or Shine! 

On Wednesday we headed off to Sevilla.  We decided to pit stop in Cordoba along the way and walked around there.  We didn’t find anything too interesting in Cordoba but after I’ve gotten back from my trip I read that one of the top 100 places to see before you die was either a cathedral or mosque in Cordoba.  We somehow missed it!!  I was excited to visit Sevilla again because it was one of my favorite cities I’ve been to in Spain.  On Wednesday we walked around the city.  Chuck and I went inside the Cathedral and saw another procession inside.  We weren’t able to go inside Alhambra because tickets were sold out but we climbed up to a look-out spot to see it from there.  It was beautiful even the second time around!  Wednesday night was unbelievable the number of people that were in the city!  It was the most crowded place I’ve ever seen.  I felt nearly claustrophobic but Mr. Moore helped me get through the crowd.  Once we escaped the chaos, we sought refuge inside Burger King and got to eat a little taste of America. 

Chuck about to enter the Cathedral of Sevilla 

Thursday was probably my favorite day of the whole trip because we got to tour the Plaza de Toros and Real Alcazar.  We all took the tour of the Plaza de Toros and loved learning the history of bullfighting.  After the tour Chuck bought a poster advertising a bullfight, which we quickly referred to as 'Mona Lisa' because he protected it with his life.  Real Alcazar has a lot of Arabic influence like Alhambra but also has great gardens.  We walked around for hours.  Later in the day we went to Plaza Espana before heading back to the hotel. 
Us in front of the Plaza de Toros 

Peacocks in the gardens of Real Alcazar!!! 

In front of Plaza Espana 

Friday we headed to Madrid and stayed near the hotel since it was beside the airport.  In the mall right near us we decided to try a ‘rib restaurant’ for a try for authentic American food.  It wasn’t a bad taste just different and definitely not the portions we were used to at home.  They played country music but we spoke to the waiter in Spanish… quite an interesting combo!!Saturday we went to the airport early so I could see the boys off and await my mom’s arrival!  Luckily she arrived right before they left so we managed to all make it back through security before we had to say bye. I had an amazing trip with Chuck and Mr. Moore and I’m so thankful that they were able to come see me.  We enjoyed having a good laugh as we watched Mr. Moore try to communicate with the Spanairds… and by communicate I mean speak in English and use large hand signals.  Throughout the week we made quite a team, Mr. Moore driving the European car, Chuck navigating the map, and me always asking for directions.  I think driving around Spain was definitely one of the highlights of my time abroad.  

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