Friday, May 11, 2012

"I'm going to see Florence, the person not the city!"

 And now begins my final/3rd week of Spring Break travels!  After my mom left Rome on Friday, April 13th (yes, she flew on Friday the 13th), I headed to Siena to see one of my best friends, Florence.  I took the bus from Rome and it was a neat ride to see a little bit of the Tuscan countryside.  I arrived in Siena Friday morning and Florence was waiting for me at the bus stop.  We were finally reunited together in Europe and I couldn’t wait to see the lovely city she had been studying in for the semester.  We went to her apartment where I got to meet her sweet roommates and then we went to check-in at my bed-and-breakfast.  The owner of my bed-and-breakfast was really helpful and nice, but it was an interesting experience eating breakfast with everyone at a small, 6 person table.  The whole weekend we walked around town and shopped in the neat stores.  I got a few souvenirs from Siena because I just fell in love with the small town… and a few souvenirs for myself! 
Reunited and it feels so good!  

On Saturday evening Florence, I, and a lot of her friends went to a cooking class.  It was for sure one of my highlights of spring break!  We had about 3 hours of cooking and the best part… we got to eat the food too!  We learned how to make noodles by hand, make the sauce for the pasta, a delicious bruschetta, as well as chicken and dessert.  All of us girls had a wonderful time and it was so cool taking a class from an authentic Italian chef (we had a translator to help!)  When we weren’t in cooking classes we were cooking at their apartment, which I didn’t realized how much I missed until I was here.  It definitely makes me excited to have my own apartment at Wofford in the fall. 
Rolling out our noodles in class 

The whole group!

Monday I went to the Duomo, or the cathedral, in Siena which is incredible.  There was an overlook of the whole town and it was breathtaking.  The entire cathedral was great and I loved touring around it.
Outside the Duomo earlier in the weekend 

Duomo- View from the top 

The whole weekend was so much fun and just what I needed- time with a close friend, relaxation, and delicious food and cooking!  We had a great time and it was a much needed break from sightseeing and being so busy.  We got to catch up and I got to try a little taste of Tuscany all at the same time.  I have to say I will DEFINITELY be back to Tuscany at some point in my life.  

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