Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother Daughter Adventures

My wonderful mother flew in on Saturday, April 7th.  It was great timing because I said bye to Chuck and his dad right when she arrived.  We had a long day in the airport Saturday before heading to PARIS that evening!!!! Paris was so nice and we had a blast.  Saturday we were so tired and starving so wandered right up to the street to the first restaurant we could find.  It was an Italian restaurant and actually really good.  We enjoyed our free glass of champagne from our hotel and hit the sack! 
View from our hotel room! 

Sunday was a busy day… we managed to somehow walk to all over town in one short day.  We walked up to the Arch de Triumph from our hotel, then headed down Champs D’elysees to window shop.  At the end of the road we stopped to try a crepe!  They were delicious.  We wandered around the end of Champs D’elysees and even managed to bump into an English-speaking tour guide group and eavesdropped on the information.  We walked to the Louvre Museum and down by the main river.  We went inside Notre Dame Cathedral.  It was Mom’s first European cathedral and she absolutely loved it.  We soon realized how badly our feet hurt from walking so much so we headed to a restaurant on Champs D’elysees which soon became our favorite…pizza and salad!  We were just preparing our stomachs for what was to come in Rome!
In front of the Arch de Triumph 

Monday we had a more relaxing day and walked through another part of town near the Opera House.  We went shopping in Galleries of LaFayette- a 7 STORY SHOPPING MALL!!  We enjoyed browsing through all of the stores.  After getting back from shopping we headed of course to the Eiffel Tower!  We loved seeing it at night because we arrived right at the top of the hour while it sparkled. 
It really does sparkle!

Tuesday we headed early to the Palace of Versailles.  There was a long line but luckily we made it in without having to wait too long.  We toured through the entire palace and loved seeing the historic rooms as well as gardens.  After coming back from the Palace we grabbed an early dinner and stopped by Laduree to get the famous macaroons.  We took them back to our room as we packed and may or may not have eaten them all haha…
Mom in front of the Palace of Versailles 

SO EXCITED for our macaroons! 

We had quite an early flight to Rome on Wednesday but when we landed we were so glad we did because there was so much to see!  From our hotel we got our first Italian lunch of lasagna and it definitely lived up to the expectations.  Our first stop was the Colosseum... which we eventually found after getting lost for a little while.  We toured through the Coloseeum and then walked around the Roman Forum.  We headed back to the Trevi Fountain where we of course tossed a coin into the fountain.  Throwing a coin in the fountain is supposed to signify that you will somehow return back to Rome later in life.  And of course when Mom throws hers… it lands on the only rock in the whole fountain!!  We had a good laugh about that. 
Us in front of the Colosseum

The Trevi Fountain 

We spent the whole day on Thursday in the Vatican City.  W absolutely loved the Vatican and especially St. Peter’s Basilica.  It was honestly my favorite Basilica or Cathedral I have been in during my time in Europe.  We also toured the Vatican Museum.  The ceiling paintings took our breath away with the ornate detail.  But at the end of the museum we saw the Sistine Chapel which was incredible. 
Ready to go inside St. Peter's

Mom left early early early Friday morning to head back home to the states.  It was really hard to see her go because at that point in time all I wanted to do was hop on the plane with her.  We had such a wonderful time together.  We always run errands together and get our nails done in town together, so it was really just a continued girl’s weekend in Europe.  I can’t wait to spend more time together this summer with my mom… too bad it won’t be under the Eiffel tower anymore though!    

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