Friday, May 11, 2012

What language are they speaking?? Vienna and Prague

Tuesday, April 17th I took an early train out of Siena and to Milan.  From Milan I flew right into Vienna, Austria to meet Caroline.  We reunited in our hostel that evening when I arrived and walked around through the main part of town.  We got dinner and caught each other up on all of our travel adventures.  Our hostel was honestly the best hostel I’ve ever stayed in… it was a nice, clean actually cute room with only 3 sets of bunk beds.  At the bottom of the hostel was a bar?  Haha we thought the concept was odd as well but you couldn’t hear the noise at all so it never bothered us.  On Wednesday we headed out for a full day of sight-seeing!  We went to Schronbrunn Palace and saw the gardens as well.  We walked from there up to Gloriette, a sort of lookout point to the rest of the city.  From there we went back to the center of town and grabbed lunch and of course a sweet treat after.  We finished our day at the Sisi museum, which is a museum of a collection of the royal family’s old silverware and china, as well as information on the life they lived.  We had beautiful weather in Vienna and it was perfect to see everything in just about two days!

Caroline and I at Schronbrunn Palace - Vienna 

Gardens at Schronbrunn- Vienna 

Near the University - Vienna 

Thursday morning we took the train over to Prague, Czech Republic.  Prague was probably one of my favorite cities in Europe (outside of Italy obviously).  We met our friend Shelbey in Prague and she stayed Thursday night and all day Friday.  Friday we took a city tour to see a lot of the sights in the city.  We walked over the Charles Bridge, saw the Astronomical Church, the Jewish Quarter, and a cathedral as well. 
Astronomical Clock- Old Town Prague 

Me, Shelbey, and Caroline - overlook of the river 

Jewish Cemetary in the Jewish Quarter 

After we had to say goodbye to Shelbey, Caroline and I met another friend from Wofford who was visiting Prague the same weekend as us, Peter.   We met some of his friends that evening and they showed us around town too.  Saturday we all hiked up to the Prague Palace to see the Cathedral and the Palace at the top, not to mention an AMAZING view of the whole city.  
Beautiful views of Prague 

On Saturday night Caroline and I went to a ballet because the artistic scene is supposed to be great in the city.  We enjoyed the ballet; however, I think somehow it was more of a “children’s” ballet because it was Goldilocks.  I would have maybe enjoyed a Swan Lake or something more traditional better.  However, the theatre was the Estates Theatre, which was gorgeous and also the last theatre Mozart conducted one of his own symphonies in. 
In the Estates Theatre 

Sunday we made a quick stop by the famous Lennon Wall before we had to catch our plane back to Alicante that evening. 

Lennon Wall 

My spring break was the best 3 weeks I’ve ever had.  I am so lucky to be able to see so many wonderful cities in such a short time.  I also have amazing friends and family- Chuck, Mr. Moore and my mom came to see me half way across the world, and I got to spend time with more friends the second half of spring break.  Obviously I have many other friends and family I love and care about that weren’t able to come, but I really felt truly blessed to have such an amazing vacation.  It was busy with activities and absolutely flew by.  We hopped train, plane, bus, car, metro, and everything else in between.  I had an unforgettable experience and learned so much!  I was also excited to return back to Alicante, which has slowly felt like more and more of a home.  Paco picked up Caroline and I from the airport and it was great to see my host family after 3 weeks.  Now begins my final month in Alicante- I can’t believe it, it has FLOWN BY! 

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